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_More Than Signage

Establishing the company as a leader in quality and often complicated signage, we realised that our skill set was easily transferable to a wider range of things to craft, we would always make sure our sign designs take into account the architecture, interiors, lighting so it was a natural progression to offer our talents and expand our offerings.

_Design & Creative


_Lighting Features

_Facades & Screens

_Custom Fabrication

_LED Screens



Since 2006, Fremont has collaborated closely with our valued clients, the remarkable results achieved over the years is through our combination of creativity and meticulous approach to crafting everything we make. Each and every project is approached with careful consideration, gathering influence from architecture, interiors and lighting to deliver outstanding results across Hospitality, Property, Corporate and Retail sectors.

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In 2006, Brett Dallas and Dave Peck established Fremont with purely creative aspirations.
Since then, this approach has built over the years with Fremont redefining the benchmark
for well thought out and impeccably crafted signage and spaces, the quality shown in the
work is a true reflection of the creative, dedicated and supportive team at Fremont.


With our reputation at the forefront of our industry, we take immense satisfaction in looking back
at past projects. We have chosen examples of our work for you to enjoy and get inspiration from,
a true showcase of our passion and quality.

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