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More Than Signage

_Establishing the company as a leader in quality and often complicated signage, we realised that our skill set was easily transferable to a wider range of things to craft, we would always make sure our sign designs take into account the architecture, interiors, lighting so it was a natural progression to offer our talents and expand our offerings.


_Lighting Features

_Facades & Screens

_Art Pieces

_Custom Fabrication

Our Mission
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The Fremont Difference

_What sets us aside? Put simply, we care more about what we deliver to our clients. From the initial creative discussion, to the idea, design, presentation and finally crafting and installing, every offering from Fremont Beautifully Delivered.


_When Fremont was founded in 2006 by Brett Dallas and Dave Peck there was nothing but creative intentions backed by industry experience going back to the late 1980s. At the beginning of their careers hands on talent and skill were the only things that could get you into and succeeding in the industry, this was also the time when computer aided creativity was beginning to replace the pencil and brush so they have been at the forefront of a developing industry since then. 


_Fast forward to 2006 and Fremont began with a sole focus on creating signs for the NSW Club and Pub sector. Using this as a launching pad the company has grown steadily since and is now the standard of quality in signage, lighting features, facades and screens, art pieces, custom fabrication, painting servicing hospitality, retail, property and much more. Probably the best part of the evolution of Fremont is the unrivalled team of creatives and craftsmen we have assembled over the years, making it ‘the’ place to work within the industry.

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